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Belmont County Head Start students treated to “The Fun Show”

Updated: Thursday, February 27 2014, 10:01 PM EST


BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – A renowned educator paid a visit to Belmont County Thursday to benefit teachers – and ultimately children – in the Head Start program.

It wasn’t your typical classroom experience.

Shawn Brown and his wife Cheryl were on hand to “shake up the box” of learning with “The Super Fun Show.”

“Everybody sing; it’s a happy day … c’mon! Clap, clap, c’mon,” Shawn Brown said.

It’s more than just handclapping and catchy songs. There’s some seriously “fun” learning going on, too.

“It’s loud, it’s fun; he’s so full of energy,” Belmont County Head Start Education and Mental Health Program Manager Fran Steed said.

The Browns have been traveling the country together for 10 years with Shawn’s company, Role Model Productions Inc.

During the years, the company grew to serve the early childhood education industry with dynamic curriculum enhancement programs.

“We make learning fun for the child,” Shawn Brown said, “and for the teacher.”

They do it with music as a catalyst.

“When the child comes in the classroom, we want the child to have those familiar sounds, something that makes them bob, and something that makes them move,” Browns said. “But more importantly, something that keeps them in a routine and makes them feel comfortable.”

Brown said his own experience as a child in the classroom inspired him.

“I wasn’t bad, I was bored,” he said.

“He’s given them a lot of great stuff to use in the classroom,”

Belmont County Head Start students treated to “The Fun Show”

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