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Bridgeport Mayor’s ad deemed invalid, upsets council

Updated: Tuesday, August 12 2014, 06:20 PM EDT
BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – The mayor’s office and village council in Bridgeport are at odds again.
This time, it’s because of an advertisement that ran in the local paper issued by the mayor's office notifying interested parties that bidding was open for the Hall Street Project.
But it was deemed invalid and council members say they just want to make sure they do it in a correct -- and legal -- manner. Village Solicitor and Law Director Michael Shaheen said protocol was not met prior to the ad’s posting.
"In order for a village or municipality to properly bid or subcontract,” he said, “it has to be done with the approval of council."
Council never approved, despite the fact that it acknowledges repairs are needed.
"Council is upset that the mayor did it,” Shaheen said. “(Mayor John Callarik) is upset because he thinks things should be moving faster, but the fact of the matter is, given the lack of communication, this is one of the byproducts."
Shaheen says he is also disappointed that the ad ran.
"Nobody is gonna take away that (the mayor) works hard for the village,” Shaheen said. “That said, he took it upon himself to kinda get the process started for the street repairs."
But Shaheen says it's an easy fix. Bids won't be accepted and it'll go out to bid once council is on board.
What may not be an easy fix is the relationship council has with the mayor.
"I'm not going to make the mayor and council have this love affair because it's not going happen,” Shaheen said. “But they need to put the personal pieces aside."
A resolution will be drafted by the village solicitor and presented to council on Aug. 19. If it passes it, the next step will be putting the project up to bid.

Bridgeport Mayor’s ad deemed invalid, upsets council

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