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Committee aims to clean up county

Updated: Thursday, February 27 2014, 07:46 PM EST

By Jessica Guay


The Brooke County Dilapidated Structure Committee was recently formed to address buildings that have become an eyesore for residents in the area.

County Commissioner Tim Ennis said he has high hopes that the group will clean up the county.

“One of the chief complaints we get as county commissioners are about dilapidated structures in Brooke County, and Brooke County is a beautiful county but there are some eyesores out there. We were able to pass an ordinance and form a committee,” Ennis said.

Former Brooke County Sheriff Richard Ferguson is the chairman of the new committee and he said there are about 300 dilapidated buildings in the county that need to be dealt with.

“It’s unfair that some people take good care of their property and right across or beside them it’s just terrible and that’s completely unfair and it really downs the morale of this county, because it’s a nice place,” Ferguson said.

“There are certain areas of the county that have presented problems for the county with their appearances. People have moved out, places are overgrown, windows are broken out, roofs are missing, and that’s not acceptable,” Ennis said.

All of the structures have been identified and photographed for the committee to review. The next step for the group is to send letters to property owners asking for their cooperation.

“If we approach people and discuss with them what options they have, they can clean these things up themselves and bring them back to compliance with what needs to be, be fair to their neighbors and be fair to our county to make things look much better,” Ferguson said.

Property owners will have 30 days to repair the buildings. If they do not, they will be fined each day after that or it could become a civil matter.

The committee held its first meeting on Thursday night to review the ordinance and choose the first priority target areas. A report will then be made

Committee aims to clean up county

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