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Grand Theater Restoration Project launches campaign

Updated: Friday, February 21 2014, 07:37 PM EST

By Jessica Guay

Steubenville, OH -

Volunteers continue to put efforts into saving the Grand Theater but they need the Steubenville community’s help.

The Grand Theater closed in 1979 and was purchased in 2010 by the Grand Theater Restoration Project. The organization is led by Scott Dressel and is run entirely by volunteers who are committed to improving historic downtown Steubenville and bringing the Grand Theater back to life.

The organization just launched its first funding campaign through social media, in hopes to raise enough money to restore the theater in the next few years.

For the campaign, they produced three short videos to show volunteers in action, how the theater has come along, and all the work that needs to be done to finish it.

“As everybody knows, downtown Steubenville has gone through a lot of suffering and as part of the restoration of the historic part of downtown is the Grand, the Grand Theater will bring a lot of traffic downtown,” Dressel said.

The next step for the organization is to raise $350,000 to complete the face of the theater, which will begin the process of revitalizing the historic downtown Steubenville.

“Part of the campaign is specifically addressing, cleaning the rest of the front of the building so the face that faces the city is clean and brought back to the original 1925 look of the building,” Dressel said.

The organization is also trying to receive funding from the Ohio governor’s capital bill to go towards completing the stage, the dressing room, the fly loft, and the ceiling, which suffered excessive water damage through the years.

“Steubenville is a small town and we can’t finish the Grand on our own, we do need help from a broader range of people in the community,” Dressel said.

To learn more about how you join the campaign and get involved in the project, go to

Grand Theater Restoration Project launches campaign

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