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Local school board eliminates pay to participate fees

Updated: Saturday, May 31 2014, 07:42 PM EDT


The Edison Local Board of Education met Saturday for a special discussion. A lot was on the table, including the upcoming renewal levy that’s due to go back on the ballot in November.

Now that the operation levy has passed this month for Edison Local School District, school board members are busy making transportation plans for the upcoming school year, which includes bringing back bus service for high school students.

During the board meeting Saturday the board voted to eliminate the pay to participate consumable fees for the next school year.

Superintendent of Edison Local School District, Bill Beattie, said this will hopefully increase the number of students who will be participating.

Beattie said in the past high school students were paying $200 a sport; those fees will now disappear.

Board members also addressed the 2.1-mil emergency renewal levy that’s due back on the ballot in November.

“It was necessary for the board to discuss it today whether or not it was going to go back on the ballot because two resolutions have to be adopted by the board prior to Aug. 6, so that would allow our June and July meetings to allow those resolutions to take place, so we wanted to make a decision moving forward,” Beattie said.

Since they passed the operation levy at the beginning of the month, the most important thing the district is focusing on is bringing high school busing back.

“With that being said we know that we lost some enrollment last year, so we’re hoping to see our enrollment increase and hopefully some of the students will come back,” Beattie said.

Beattie said when enrollment increases, they will make decisions as far as hiring additional staff members based on their enrollments.

Local school board eliminates pay to participate fees

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