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Maryland Market nearing 50 years in business

Updated: Thursday, February 27 2014, 05:37 PM EST

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – Maryland Market, one of the few privately owned stores in Steubenville, will soon celebrate 50 years in business.

It’s a place that has made a point to give back to the community.

NEWS9 had a chance to talk to owners about why their customers mean so much them.

“Thanksgiving or Christmas a lot of kids don’t even have a home meal, and they’ll be here looking for something to eat,” store worker and family member Vincetta Tsouris said.

In many ways the market is your typical mom and pop shop.

In addition to helping kids in need during the holidays, the owners allow customers who do not have cell phones to use the store phone. They call rides for people who need to go to the local hospital.

Customers who do not own stoves go to the store for hot food. It’s a place that has been a hub for the community for 50 years.

“Well, I come here because you know they usually have everything that I’m looking for,” customer Wayne Strother said. “They have a wide variety, plus it’s close to the area when I come and visit my friends.”

The store’s owner, Sarandos Tsouris, came from Greece more than 50 years ago. He opened the market in 1965. At 91 years old, he doesn’t manage the store too much. Instead he keeps busy repairing old houses.

“I believe that the success of my business is because of my good family and my customers,” he said.

The shop is now being managed by Sarandos’ son and grandson, who is 27 and has been working there most of his life.

Maryland Market is the only store left in the Labelle community, which used to have 15 stores.

High crime rates have plagued the community in recent years, but owners say they will continue to stay strong and help the community.

The market turns 50 next January.

Maryland Market nearing 50 years in business

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