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Meth lab discovered in Harrison County

Updated: Sunday, August 10 2014, 05:26 PM EDT


A secluded home located along Moravian Trail Road in Deersville was busted for meth Sunday morning after the Harrison County Sheriff's Department received a tip from a confidential source.

After interviewing that source to the full extent, they obtained a warrant, and the search began.

"And once the officers came on scene we found we did have a possible meth lab and components of a meth lab here on the ground,” said Sheriff Joe Myers.

Myers said they then backed off and immediately called the task force in after discovering one meth lab inside this home.

They also found a white plastic tube inside with both ends capped.

"Through this new training that came out some of these meth lab persons are putting what we call a pipe bomb or some type of bomb together ,” said Sheriff Myers.


They didn't want to take any chances, so they called in the Columbus Bomb Squad who arrived on scene just a few hours ago.


The owner of the home here at 31550 Moravian Trail Road is named Jeraud Rupp and as of right now he's still on the run.


The home belongs to Rupp and his other brother who lives in the Steubenville area and wasn't aware what was going on here.


"The obvious thing is our guys are back doing their reports and we will be a warrant for him so the best thing for him is to turn himself in and make things easier on himself,” said Sheriff Myers.

Meth lab discovered in Harrison County

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