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Milk prices expected to rise next month

Updated: Thursday, February 20 2014, 06:36 PM EST

By Jessica Guay

Steubenville, OH -

Milk prices could jump by as much as 60 cents next month. The expected increase could push the price of milk close to $4 a gallon, the highest it’s ever been.

Mother of 5, Tina Brooks, said she buys milk every three or four days and the price of milk going up will put a pinch in her budget.

“It’s hard when you need to struggle with five kids; I see three all the time. It’s already hard with gas and now, milk is going up, it’s very hard,” Brooks said.

The cause – California’s drought is causing lands to dry, creating a problem with dairy prices nationwide. Another reason for the hike in price is a growing demand for dairy products combined with low supplies available.

Local resident and pastor of the Tower of Power Church, the Rev. Terry Cowser expressed frustration about not only milk prices rising, but gas and food prices going up as well.

“Just so many things are going on right now, nothing helps, price of milk doesn’t help, and price of tomatoes doesn’t help. All of these things put together and you’re a single mother with two kids, guess what, you’re having a hard time,” Cowser said.

According to the Department of Agriculture, all food prices together will go up between 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent in 2014.

Cowser said local organizations that help to provide meals for people in need – are having a hard time and will struggle even more with milk prices going up.

“The Urban Mission is getting fuller and fuller, I mean we’re having a hard time, they’re having a hard time now – then the price of milk goes up, then you wonder why now because of all the jobs that have been lost, why we’re having more break-ins and more crime,” Cowser said.

Since the price of milk is going up, that means the price of all dairy products, like cheese and yogurt, could go up too.

Milk prices expected to rise next month

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