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Only on 9: Cruiser video released

Updated: Friday, August 8 2014, 12:11 PM EDT


Bright lights got the attention of Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Trevor Koontz while he was patrolling County Road 22A at 1:42 a.m. on March 9th.
Less than 10 seconds later, he quickly turned around, and a chase began. The trooper didn't know it then, but the vehicle he was following was actually an off-road utility task vehicle and the man driving it was Wintersville Police Officer Shawn Gegick.
Officials say speeds average 60 miles per hour through an uneven, winding road in area zoned for 35 as the trooper gave chase.
The chase lasted only about 3 minutes, with just released to WTOV9 dash cam video rolling the entire time, showing a clearer picture of what happened early that morning, along with the full audio of the trooper's conversation with Gegick.
When the chase ends, the following is heard:
Koontz: "He rolled it!
Koontz: "Get out of the car!"
Koontz: "Let me see your hands!"
Koontz: "Get out of the... Let me see your hands!"
Koontz: "Get out of the car!"
Koontz: "Get out!"
Gegick: "Hey, I'm stuck dude."
It's then the trooper finds out who he's dealing with.
Koontz: "Get out."
Koontz: "Who are you?"
Gegick: "Gegick."
Koontz: "Are you?"
Gegick: "Turn your mic off please"
Koontz: "Are you kidding me?"
Gegick: "I'm Gegick; turn your mic off please."
Koontz: "Get out."
Gegick: "I can't, I'm stuck."
Koontz: "Do you have a weapon on you?"
Gegick: "No, I do not."
Koontz: "Why are you running?"
Gegick: "Dude, really?"
Koontz: "Shut it off."
Gegick: "I have nothing on me."
Koontz: "Gegick, as in Wintersville?"
Gegick: "Yea, I'm stuck man."
Koontz: "Why are you running?"
Gegick: "A trooper chasing me...I'm stuck man."
Koontz: "Are you kidding me right now?"

You can tell the trooper is shocked when he learns the identity of the suspect. The audio drops out for a few seconds but comes back in time to hear this exchange:

Koontz: "It's out of my hands. I already called in a pursuit."
Gegick: "No, why? Come on man."
Koontz: "Did you really run from me?"
It takes a little bit of time, but the off-duty officer is freed. Uninjured and unarmed, Gegick is escorted by Koontz to the front of the cruiser.
Koontz: "Turn around."
Koontz: "Gegick, don't make this any worse than it as has to be."
Koontz: "Turn around."
Gegick: "I'm trying to be your buddy."
Koontz: "Turn around."
Gegick: "I'm trying to be your buddy."
Koontz: "Don't fight me."
Gegick: "No, I'm not going to, I'm not even."
Koontz: "Turn around."
Gegick:  "I'm not going to let you put me in cuffs right now."
Koontz: "Yes, you will"
Gegick: "For what?"
Koontz: "Turn around."
Koontz: "Turn around, now."
Gegick: "We can make this go away."
Koontz: "No, we can't."
Koontz: "Turn around."

The next thing you see is Koontz taking Gegick to the back of the cruiser. From there he is taken back to the Highway Patrol post where he is given a Breathalyzer test.
That Breathalyzer is the subject of a hearing Thursday morning in Toronto.

The special prosecutor assigned to this case, Dan Padden out of Guernsey County, says Gegick's attorney filed a motion to suppress the Breathalyzer results.

Gegick is charged with OVI and Failure to Control.

He has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

He is still working as a Wintersville Police Officer.
He was put on paid leave for a period of time, but is now back on patrol.

Only on 9: Cruiser video released

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