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Shutdown date approaching Yorkville mill

Updated: Thursday, September 4 2014, 12:34 PM EDT
YORKVILLE, Ohio -- After more than a year of delays and indecision, the shutdown at the Yorkville mill is just a few weeks away.
And the final layoffs are looming.
Visits to the Yorkville Mill the last few months showed no sign of activity, but Thursday was a different story. Companies that used to sell equipment to the once operating tin plate plant are there looking around at possibly buying equipment that's no longer being used.
Steel workers were notified in mid-July that the facility would not be used for steel-making operations. It’s an outcome that was expected by many, but there was lingering hope of a sale and continued operations just a few months earlier.
The owner, Esmark, has given a proposed shutdown date of Monday, Sept. 29. There are nine people who work inside the plant. As of that date, they will be laid off.
"They were prepared and had been prepared for some time,” Yorkville Local 1223 President Jerry Connors said. “There are a few guys that are in there that we need to make preparations for going forward in terms of retirement, but the majority of our members have known for quite some time that the facility was not going to restart. "
Connors said they are grateful for the various state leaders who worked “tirelessly to get the plant up and running who share in the disappointment of the final outcome.”
So what’s next for the plant?
Owners have indicated that it could be used to house several smaller companies that would lease space at the site.

Shutdown date approaching Yorkville mill

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