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Texas man searches for birth mother in Bellaire

Updated: Monday, May 26 2014, 08:23 AM EDT


After 58 years of not knowing his birth mother, one man has decided that he is determined to find her.

Thomas Pierron lives in Houston, Texas, but the last few weeks he has been staying in Belmont County to try to track down his birth mother from Bellaire.

"I was adopted and I just have the opportunity now to try and find her....that's what I'm doing," said Pierron.

But why start searching now after all of these years?

"My mother, Mrs. Pierron, asked me not to try to find her because she says oh you could ruin her life, so I didn't want to. it's always been in the back of my mind...I would start and stop, start and stop, and I just figured this is now or never, so here I am," said Pierron.

He said his birth mother, Margaret Mary Madigan, had him in Germany, where he was then adopted.

Pierron has several records of his mother, and not only his her birth certificate, but he found her siblings too.

Pierron went to the health department the other day, and they called him back saying we found your family.

"But I interpreted it as they found their death certificates," said Pierron.

It turns out it was all of their birth certificates, and couldn't find any death certificates here in Ohio.

Pierron said he won't give up hope that his birth mother is still alive and somewhere out here in Bellaire.

"Just seeing her would be enough," said Pierron.

Pierron has placed several calls all over Belmont County and is hoping to hear some positive news come Tuesday.

The genealogist told Pierron his birth parents were in the mining business, and may have gone back and forth from Ohio to Pennsylvania.

If he doesn't find any luck finding her here, his next stop: Pennsylvania


Texas man searches for birth mother in Bellaire

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