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Two arrested in drug bust in Steubenville

Updated: Wednesday, August 27 2014, 01:34 PM EDT

STUEBENVILLE, Ohio-- An investigation into heroin trafficking leads to the discovery of drugs and guns in a Steubenville home, while two children were inside.
During their sweep, officials say the found cash and tons of ammunition.
Two people were taken into custody and charged with trafficking and possession of heroin, but more charges could be on the way once the investigation concludes.
Officials say they performed controlled buys and a got search warrant for a home along Kendall Avenue in Steubenville.
When officials arrived they found a stockpile of ammunition, guns, money and just what they suspected, heroin.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla tells us, "There's a lot of ammunition, high powered ammunition, and handgun ammunition, there's a lot of it. I bet you it weights probably 30 or 40 pounds in there."
 Authorities arrested Robert Lee Miller for two counts of trafficking heroin and John I. Nellum for one count of possession of heroin.

Abdalla  said children were inside the home. "The thing with children in the house, people come here and buys drugs, they think they've got a bad deal, they're coming back with guns. Now these children could be a victim of a gunshot. "
Authorities said four males,  two females and two children were inside the home when authorities dropped in.
"The problem with that is when I go into schools to talk with kids that are in the second and third grade.  And ask do you know anyone that does drugs and they say yeah Mommy does it and Mommy's boyfriend does it. So how are we going to win a war on drugs? It's never going to happen. " Abdalla says.
Officials plan to look at the possibility of what they recovered. So far they know gun and ammunition was all being stolen and that could lead to more charges being filed.

Two arrested in drug bust in Steubenville

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