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Water line will solve problems, promote opportunity in Harrison County

Updated: Wednesday, September 3 2014, 12:45 PM EDT
HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio -- The Stumptown Road waterline project has been more than 6 years in the making. It became so important for residents, they have pitched in to help pay for it.
And it's finally on its way.
County commissioners began their meeting by opening envelopes and reviewing five bids. They expect a price tag of about $75,000 for the 6-inch water line. It will connect about 15 customers along a 2-mile stretch of State Route 519, just west of Harrisville.
"Sometimes they would call once a week inquiring about it," Harrison County Commissioner Dale Norris said. "Once they knew we were working on it, they would call once a month to get progress."
Residents who've seen their wells go dry from time to time weren't the only ones encountering hurdles. Attempts to obtain grants have fallen short, and the county engineer says projects like this are very competitive.
So the residents stepped in and raised nearly $20,000. That was a huge help for the commissioners who will work with the Georgetown Water System to make the project a reality.
The line will bring water ... and possibility.
"In reality, in the long run, that brings water to an area that doesn't have water," Norris said. "(And) there is property out there that could maybe sell later on because once you have the water and fire hydrants in place, then property becomes more, not affordable, but eye-appealing."
Commissioners say EPA permits for the project have been issued, and ODOT is on board, but residents will have a bit longer to wait. Construction should begin some time next month and wrap up by next summer.
The commissioners will take the next week to review the bids with the county engineer and will likely vote on a bid at next week's meeting.
We'll keep you posted on the progress of this project.

Water line will solve problems, promote opportunity in Harrison County

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