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WMC celebrates success with surprise bonuses

Updated: Friday, May 30 2014, 10:33 PM EDT


Employees at Weirton Medical Center have a little extra cash in their wallets after receiving surprise bonuses.

Since the hospital has been growing so much, all 1,100 employees received an extra $100 on their paychecks for all of their hard work.

“That’s a ‘thank you’ for the hard work, the attitudes that they’re bringing to the place and the excellence that they’re bringing each and every day,” Kelli McCoy, director of communications at WCM, said. “We’re a community-based hospital that’s growing because of the people in our building.”

Heart surgeon Dr. Vardhan Reddy said it’s the morale of the staff that makes a difference in the quality of care they give to patients.

“I think it is completely unheard of in a smaller community hospital, across the nation if you take it. You never see a fifth-time bonus for a small community hospital, and you do see that in the staff that we work with,” Reddy said.

Nurses who work at the hospital said the bonus let them know they are appreciated.

“There’s so much going on right now, so much development that’s happening right now. It’s just very exciting that we’re expanding the way that we are and we’re all a part of it,” RN Mandy Delsignore said.

Every employee is proud to be a part of the hospital’s team.

“We have a really great time, we all help each other, the doctors, the nurses, I mean right down the line to everybody is a team effort here,” Delsignore said.

“We are so proud to be here, and we are so proud to say that we belong to WCM,” Reddy said.

Among its new additions, the hospital is opening outpatient rehabilitation centers in Chester and Steubenville.

WMC celebrates success with surprise bonuses

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