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Residents not breathing easy after gas spill in Uhrichsville

Updated: Thursday, May 29 2014, 05:40 PM EDT

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY, Ohio – People in Uhrichsville who are getting sick by the lingering smell of gas after a spill want to know why the issue is not cleared up.
It’s a spill that has forced some people in to sleep in tents behind their homes. Others say they are always sick, and one woman says she is concerned her father, who has one lung and uses an oxygen tank, will get sick because of this spill that
Englefield Oil officials said the spill happened around noon on May 16th at the Dutchess Gas station in Uhrichsville. The gas leaked as the result equipment failure. They said once the equipment failed, the spill containment tank overflowed and the gas moved toward the sewer line, eventually getting into it.
Officials said they fixed the problem as soon as it happened, and re-opened the gas station that same night.
Two weeks after the spill, several people throughout the town said they are still dealing with issues related to the spill.
“I was trying to rub my nose so I couldn't smell it, and try not to breath it in, because it's bad,” said resident Miranda Milburn, whose home had gas leak into it. “It was really bad this morning."
Another resident instinctively buttoned her entire house up the day of the gas leak …
“But maybe I shouldn't have done that,” she said. “I closed all the drains, shut everything in the house. I didn't want anything to get into the house."
And then there’s James Ohler, whose home, too, was taken over by the fumes.
“It's directly behind me; our house got fumed up pretty bad,” he said. “We had headaches for 3 or 4 days from it. I had to send my kids out to in-laws for them to stay there.”
Englefield officials said they are working with the Ohio EPA to settle the issue.

Residents not breathing easy after gas spill in Uhrichsville

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