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They're Back: 100 holes for charity

Updated: Monday, August 4 2014, 06:39 PM EDT

DOVER, Ohio -- Last year, Nathan Stambaugh and Josh Carlisle completed a 100-hole hike to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters.
In doing so, they secured more than $19,000. And they’re doing it again.
“You would think that after last year, we would have prepared a little more, but actually I think we prepared a little less. So I might be a little more sore than I was last year,” Carlisle said.
“I ended up with injuries out of this but it's worth it,” Stambaugh said. “It's for a great cause
One-hundred holes, $20,000, nearly 35 miles of walking and 400 swings, all for Big Brothers Big Sisters.
"It pops up on our email and you see another pledge and just knowing that amount of money can open doors for some children in this community that might not otherwise have been opened,” Stambaugh said.
"I hear people say ‘oh man, you're the one who did that hundred holes, what was that like?' ” Carlisle added. “So the outpouring of support has been phenomenal.”
A mulligan was always an option this year, but the support they received from fellow board members to, of course, their caddies buoyed them into Year 2.
Stroke by stroke, these two chipped and pitched their way to their goal, but Monday, par is a much higher number.
“Plenty of people think we're crazy for doing it two years in a row,” Stambaugh said. “I think some of the response has been more surprise that we're back at it again. If we're feeling good, we might try to do 108 holes, and make it six full rounds."
By the time they’d reached their final round, they’d already raised $12,000.

They're Back: 100 holes for charity

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