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Confusion raised over Sistersville mayor

Updated: Thursday, August 22 2013, 09:25 PM EDT


After a council meeting last week, residents in Sistersville are confused after a discussion was brought up after Mayor Dave Fox said he no longer lived in city limits and moved to Ohio County.

Fox talked with NEWS9 Thursday and said that he will continue his duties as mayor because the people elected him to do so.

Fox said that his wife took employment near Wheeling, which prompted his move; however he strongly stated that when he took the job as mayor, he intended to see it the entire way through.

His term expires March 30, 2014, according to city recorder Julie Schleier.

Fox said that if the charter calls him to resign he will, but there are several projects in the city he wants to see finished before his term is up.

Schleier said Fox is still mayor according to the city charter, which states the mayor must live in the city limits when seeking election. There is nothing that states where they should live after they take office; therefore Fox's residency is legal.

Fox and Schleier both declined to talk on camera, but discussed the issue over the phone.

NEWS9 also reached out to city attorney Carolyn Flannery about the discussion, but calls were not returned Wednesday or Thursday.

A special council meeting was to be held on Aug. 19 but only four council members were present, and the meeting was canceled because there was not a quorum.

Fox said that the Ohio Secretary of State's office was even notified about the residency change. Representatives with Secretary of State Natalie Tennant's office told NEWS9 that they do not have the right to throw a mayor out of office. Everything they are governed by is in their city charter.

Fox is currently serving his fourth two-year term.

The next Sistersville City Council meeting is slated for Sept. 9.

Confusion raised over Sistersville mayor

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