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Updated: Tuesday, April 22 2014, 10:52 AM EDT

Barbie says her boyfriend, Travis, constantly accuses her of cheating and stealing money which she denies. What proof does Travis say he has to support his claims? Barbie agrees to take a polygraph test
to prove her innocence once and for all. What will the results reveal?

TUESDAY, April 22 – (TV 14 (L) (S) (D))
Letty and Francesca say their mother, Stephanie, chose drugs and alcohol over them throughout their childhoods and even drank and used methamphetamines while pregnant with Francesca. Stephanie
insists she has worked hard to turn her life around, but says her daughters won't let go of the past. Dr. Phil enlists the help of Troy Dunn,  author of the new book
Family: The Good F Word, to get this fractured family on the path to healing. How can they move forward?

WEDNESDAY, April 23 – (TV PG (L))
Melissa, 21, suffers from OCD and says most of her rituals are focused on one thing trying to make herself prettier than her older sister, Justine. She says her behavior has taken a toll on her and on her
family, and she desperately wants help. What is at the root of Melissa's obsession? And, how can she manage her OCD and reclaim her life?

THURSDAY, April 24 – (TV PG)
Last month, 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer was found severely malnourished after he was allegedly locked inside a small closet under the stairs of a Houston home. His father, Bradley, and stepmother, Tammi,
were arrested and charged with felony child endangerment. In a Dr. Phil exclusive, the boy's biological mother, Windy Hall, shares her side of the story.

FRIDAY, April 25 – (TV 14 (L) (S) (D))
Monica and her husband, Max, say they placed an adoption ad on Craigslist last August and were elated when they were contacted by Danette, who chose them to adopt her unborn baby who became
twins, after a surprise delivery. Monica and Max say they've spent more than $40,000 preparing for parenthood and already consider the babies their own but they've yet to meet them. Is this an adoption

Dr. Phil

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