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Dr. Phil

Updated: Sunday, August 31 2014, 02:06 PM EDT

MONDAY, September 1
Preempted due to NBC's coverage of the Deutsche Bank Golf Championship

TUESDAY, September 2 – (TV 14 (L) (S) (D))
Dr. Phil continues his interview with Barbara, who admits she was a drug addict when she lost custody of her children 15 years ago. She faces her daughter, Lindsey, 29, and son, Dylan, 20, whom she
hasn't seen since he was 5. Can this family heal and move forward? Then, Cheryl and John say their 22-year-old daughter, Taylor, is a homeless drug addict on the verge of death. How can they help save
her life?

WEDNESDAY, September 3 (TV 14 (L) (S) (D))
Kayla says she hasn't seen her son, Ashton, in a month and a half, because her ex, Shawn, refuses to return him unless she leaves her fiance, Michael, and comes back to him. Shawn says Kayla is the
love of his life, and he wants to fix their family and make sure Michael is gone for good. Whom will Kayla choose?

For the past four years, Allison has been raising her two granddaughters after she claims her 25-year-old daughter, Jaimee, abandoned them for a life of drugs and prostitution. Jaimee insists she is clean of
her past life and wants her children back. What's in the best interest of the children?

FRIDAY, September 5 – (TV 14 (L) (S) (D))
In 1985, Rachel's 14-year-old sister, Lori, was found murdered, and she claims Lori's ex-boyfriend, Walt, killed the teen and got away with it, an accusation he vehemently denies. Tensions run high
when the two face each other on Dr. Phil's stage. Where was Walt the night of Lori’s death?

Dr. Phil

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