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Dr. Phil

Updated: Monday, April 14 2014, 04:52 PM EDT

Caitlin says her husband, Jim, abuses her, and she's scared for her life. Jim admits he has a hot temper but says his wife antagonizes him until he lashes out. Can they learn to break the cycle of abuse for
the sake of their children? Plus, learn about Robin McGraw’s new purpose-driven lifestyle brand Robin McGraw Revelation and how you can help victims of domestic

TUESDAY, April 15 – (TV 14 (L))
iffany says her fianc3, Lawrence, is controlling and alienates her from her friends and family but she loves him and wants to make their relationship work. How does Lawrence explain his actions? Can
their relationship be saved? Plus, Robin shares the inspiration for her new purpose-driven lifestyle brand, Robin McGraw Revelation and receives a special "thank you"
from past guests!

Pat says her daughter-in-law, Cara, has brainwashed her son, Todd, against her and imposed "stupid" rules about how and when she's allowed to be a part of her their lives. Cara says Pat refuses to
respect boundaries and often undermines their parenting choices. Can Dr. Phil broker peace? And, Lindsie says since having her two children, she has no desire for sex. How can she and her husband reignite the
spark? Plus, don't miss an unforgettable performance by country music star Ronnie Dunn!

THURSDAY, April 17 – (TV 14 (L) (S) (D))
Elizabeth and her husband, Bob, claim that Elizabeth's 20-year-old daughter, Ali, is a "spoiled brat" who refuses to go to college or get a job, has trashed their house and also steals from them. Dr. Phil has
some tough questions for Ali about her behavior and for the parents, who admit they’ve enabled their daughter. Can Ali learn to stand on her own two feet?

FRIDAY, April 18 – (TV 14 (L) (S) (D))
Ben says his wife of six months, Kelly, completely changed for the worse after they got married, and he feels duped. Kelly says she's lost her self-worth because Ben demeans her every day, and she
suspects he’s been cheating on her. Can Dr. Phil get to the truth? And, can this marriage be saved?

Dr. Phil

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