Advertise with us!

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If you would like information on how to advertise on WTOV9, and/or WTOV9 Mobile, please contact our General Sales Manager, Tom Pleva, by phone at (740) 284-5119 or via e-mail at

Make sure to visit the WTOV9 Marketing Facebook page for the latest information on locally sponsored events and happenings from around the Ohio Valley!

WTOV9 Sales Directory


Phone: (740) 282-9999
Fax: (740) 282-5319

Tom Pleva

General Sales Manager
Ext. 119

Christopher Kachur

Local Sales Assistant / Web Coordinator
Ext. 122

Sharon Green

Local Sales Assistant
Ext. 121

DataSphere Technologies

WTOV is proud to partner with DataSphere Technologies, Inc. DataSphere is responsible for powering our community calendar and offering geographically-targeted advertising opportunities across WTOV. DataSphere, in partnership with over 100 television stations around the U.S., helps local businesses across the country raise their visibility, convert more customers, and gain a competitive edge with custom marketing packages targeted to specific neighborhoods and communities. For more information visit

Advertise with us!
Advertise with us!