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Today:  Morning drizzle, chance for flurries, cloudy, breezy, colder, high of 37 this morning falling to 31 by 5 pm.  Winds West 10-15 mph with gusts to 25 mph.

Tonight:  Cloudy, a few flurries, low 26.  Winds West at 10 mph.

Cloudy, a few flurries, high 33.

Friday:  Mostly cloudy, low 28, high 35.

Saturday:  Mostly cloudy, chance of light snow late in the day, low 27, high 35.

Saturday Night: 
Chance for light snow, cloudy, low 29.

  Light snow ends early, mostly cloudy, high 35.

Monday:  Partly sunny, low 27, high 38.

  Increasing clouds, low 25, high 41.  

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