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Beating the winter blues

Updated: Monday, February 3 2014, 05:52 PM EST

By: Adam Del Rosso


Higher amounts of snow and ice and colder temperatures are making this winter not so pleasant compared to the last few across the Valley.


"It's just been a long winter and I’m not really liking it," said Pat Riley.


Many other locals are sharing the same sentiments. With little sunshine, unlike Monday afternoon, the Valley has been forced to find ways to beat the blues. For Jamie Rodriguez, she goes to Sun Video and Tanning.


"I actually come in here and tan. I get to relax and feel like I’m at the beach," she said.


Perhaps tanning isn’t the way to go, but a walk on a real beach is (it sure beats our salt-covered sidewalks), our friends at AAA in Weirton said they are booking more trips for the Caribbean and other warm destinations.


"I have 2 brothers in Tampa who love the fact I’m here and they're not," Riley said jokingly.


He said he is hoping to plan a trip down south, but in the meantime, he is stuck here. Others who are in the same boat tell me they NEWS9 they are just making the most of it.


"I was a driver for UPS so I enjoy it much more now not having to be out in it. I can sit in the house and watch it from out the window," Carol Masci said.


And for sports fanatics who have been staying inside relying on football the past few Sundays, the season may be over, but the Olympics are only four days away.

Beating the winter blues

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