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Severe storm season just starting in the Valley

Updated: Tuesday, April 29 2014, 11:51 PM EDT

By: Severe Weather Team 9 Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso

We have been lucky in the Valley so far this season in terms of severe weather, but that likely won't hold true through the summer months.


"A very low number of tornadoes thus far, but I would say the past couple of days have made up for it though," National Weather Service meteorologist Pat Herald said about the storms in the south.


Herald told NEWS9 he used to work in the South and Midwest before moving to the Pittsburgh office. He said working through the deadly storms is anything but easy.


"Not only are you worried about the public that you are serving, but you're worried about your family. You have stress levels involved with the personnel management. You have longer hours that all come together for a pretty stressful time," he said.


And though the hills in the Valley can help limit the size a storm, it does not make us immune as we've seen in the past.


"We're just moving into the peak period now. It'll go May into June. As you get deeper into the summer, the potential for those types of storms wanes," explained Herald.


Instead of tornadoes, our biggest threat is flash flooding. With the system moving through this week, we are expecting several inches of rain; however, at this point, flooding does not look to be a concern.


Of course, if anything does turn dangerous, Severe Weather Team 9 will have you covered.

Severe storm season just starting in the Valley

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