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Steubenville mail carriers brave frigid temps

Updated: Tuesday, January 7 2014, 02:49 PM EST

By: Jennifer Black

Many schools are closed, some businesses told their employees to stay home, and even garbage pick-up in many cities was put on hold Tuesday. However, as Mother Nature delivered a dose of freezing temperatures, mail carriers in Steubenville also set out to deliver letters and bills door to door.

Whether the sidewalks are shoveled or not, mail carriers in Steubenville like Jenna Yeager were out pounding the pavement even on the most frigid of day of the year.

"It's what I was expecting. My face is a little cold. My nose is cold, but other than that I'm good," Yeager said.

And there was no doubt, the letter carriers layered up before heading out on Tuesday.

"I have five layers on right now. This morning was I was going through to make sure I could move, and I took off a layer off and then put one back on," Yeager said.

So what other steps to they take?

"I don't take a break, I don't take a lunch," Yeager said. "I take little breaks so that way I don't get cold."

Before hitting the streets in special cleats, mail carriers did get a pep talk from their manager at the Steubenville Post Office on Third Street.

"He said, 'Get out there, do a good job, be warm, hurry up and get back," Yeager said.

Despite the streets of Steubenville being somewhat of a ghost town Tuesday morning, NEWS9 did find one woman who stopped to thank Yeager for her hard work.

"She delivers the mail through rain, snow, sleet, ice, because it's kind of dangerous with the job she as has to do," Donna West said. "I like her. She's the best mailman we ever had."

"It's our integrity, and it's part of the job," Yeager said. "In a couple of days it'll be like a heat wave, so you just do it,"

A warm personality helps to keep Yeager warm as mail carriers make their drop-offs and tread through the chilling temperatures.

The last time district management in Cleveland canceled mail delivery for carriers in Steubenville was during a snowstorm in 2008 when many of the mail trucks were unable to start. Prior to that, mail delivery was canceled in 1994 when the area saw subzero temperatures similar to the conditions on Tuesday.

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Steubenville mail carriers brave frigid temps

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