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What’s next for Ormet site?

Updated: Monday, June 30 2014, 07:38 PM EDT

MONROE COUNTY, Ohio --  People in an around Hannibal are still figuring out what the Ormet Steel Plant sale will mean for the community.
Niagara Worldwide LLC won the rights to purchase Ormet and its assets for $25.25 million - a fraction of what it was once worth --during a private auction on Friday.
They're hoping to eventually bring jobs back into the area, but state representative, Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) says it's still not ideal.
"You just try to be positive about it," he said. "It's not the best situation and really it should have never come to this we should have been able to keep the plant going."
Less than a year ago, nearly 1,000 workers were laid off at the Ormet Plant in Hannibal.
Niagra Worldwide LLC that purchased the plant through the bid is basically just buying the land and the building. Cera said hopefully they're going to give some time to work with the steelworkers to find an operator of the plant.
"We don't want it to go down the same way that Yorkville and Mingo and Martins Ferry and all of the plants that we've lost," Cera said.
He says they have high hopes that they will eventually find an interested party that wants to come in and make aluminum there again and bring back jobs.
That's the first option the new owners said they're looking at.
"We find ourselves looking at a site that's in a downturned economy that needs some sort of facelift, modification, marketing, interaction with the community or the economic development council so that it can gain funding, gain momentum and restart or change over completely," said Eric Spiritas, president at Niagara Worldwide.

What’s next for Ormet site?

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